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Bob Jones Publishers

Bob Jones Scope and Sequence 2011.pdf

While Bob Jones University is not an accredited university (which should be a consideration if you are thinking of sending your graduate there), the textbooks they publish are very good. The textbooks they produce are well written and very visual. The Lawson’s used the K-5 Beginnings to teach most of their children
to read, and it worked well with several differently-minded children. All most all christian publishers use a solid phonics system, there are only fourty-four sounds in the english language. The challange is learning the sixty or seventy letter combonations that can make those sounds. (Not to mention a few pesky words that don't follow the rules.) The Bob Jones set has activities for all learning types, visual, connectec (hands on) and audotary. Colorful books and activities including finger pupetts and songs make this our highest rated phonics program.

BJ materials are still written for the classroom, but they do show a great deal more respect for parents who follow the Biblical guidelines in educating their children. BJ even goes so far as to publish home teaching manuals without all the busy work and activities designed for a classroom. They did not re-write their textbooks for homeschoolers, but they show a growing respect by making their classroom based material as easy for a parent to use as possable. The Home Teachers Manuals offer a substantial savings to the homeschooling family. The newer editions go so far as to break the material into daily lessons, when you are on lesson 65 you should be on the sixty-fifth day of school.

The math is concept-based, the handwriting and English are as good as any we Bob Jones English 3have seen. Most of the long term students at Families of Faith Christian Academy who live in the central Florida area and are planning to go to college are encouraged to begin dual-enrollment classes at the local community colleges in the eleventh grade. Students who use Bob Jones for English (Writing and Grammar) from the sixth grade to the tenth grade almost always get A's in those college level classes. Which means a sixteen year old is sitting in a class of high school graduates most of which are not as prepared.

The history is called "Heritage Studies" in the lower grades, which tells you alot about the "world view" that is presented in Bob Jones textbooks. If you want your student to get a good overview of the world that includes all of history starting a Bob Jones Historythe actual beginning you will like this set. If you want an honest look at america starting with the beliefs of its founders, including the good intentions and the misguided with out a complete re-writing history as is going on in the public school system you will like this set. As is always the case for classroom based materials they assume the teacher will add the reasoned discussion, the though provocing questions, forcing the student to research, think and draw his or her own reasoned positions on world issues. (Not that every classroom even in good christian schools have that.)